Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose the basic $950 basic package, you will not meet with an agent. However, if you select the 1 percent or 2 percent package, an agent will meet with you to discuss further services.
There are no hidden fees in our commission rate packages. The options are a $950 flat rate, 1 percent or 2 percent of your sale price. But remember this does not include the commission rate for the cooperating agent or buyer’s agent which typically ranges between 1-2 percent. The percentage amount offered is set by the seller. This does not include the attorney fees, title fees, or NY property sales tax due at closing.
In order to sell your home in New York you will need an attorney. We can offer recommendations but ultimately this is your responsibility.
In New York, the main variables that go into the total cost of selling your home are: repairs, attorney fees, broker fees for seller and buyer, flip tax and NYC transfer tax. Learn more about the costs here
There are many factors we look at to determine the market price of your home. We look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently.
Yes, but this will not be covered by our commission fees. If you’ve selected the Premium package and decide to work with our approved vendors, this will be included in the commission fee.
There is absolutely zero obligation for you. Nothing is final until you authorize our services by signing an agreement contract. Submitting your property information ahead of time will allow us to have a more conducive conversation about the commission fee package that will yield the best results for the sale of your home. (include this on the listing document page as well)
Our local experts have determined that the average home sale is currently around 10 weeks. Some houses sell within days while others will take longer. But don’t worry, we’ll work diligently to ensure your home gets sold as close to your deadline as possible. Our local expert will talk you through where your home should sit in the market for a quick sale, if that’s a priority for you.
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